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Triple-Bottom-Line Businesses in the Monadnock Region

February 01, 2024 9:37 AM | TLC Monadnock (Administrator)

During Choose Indie Sustainable Month let's focus on our region's TRIPLE -BOTTOM-LINE BUSINESSES (locally owned businesses that measure their success based on profits, as well as social and environmental impacts). 

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In 2017, we brainstormed a list of triple-bottom-line businesses in the Monadnock Region, as well as organizations and initiatives that support these businesses sustainability efforts -- efforts that strengthen our Monadnock Local Living Economy. See our list below.

Rebecca Hamilton (Badger Balm) speaks at B Inspired Conference on evolution, economics, and why both can be kinder than we expect.

Triple-Bottom-Line Businesses (Monadnock Region)

Supporting Organizations and Initiatives

Next Steps:

  • Document certification programs used by local businesses to help them track and strengthen their triple bottom line.
  • Brainstorm how TLC Monadnock can help connect the dots and make these supporting organizations and initiatives more accessible to our region's locally owned businesses?
  • Have a business or next step to add?  Email us today!
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